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What is Videofy?

Video is the highest consumed medium today. In fact, 90% of people discover new brands and products through video. But with the ever increasing devices and varying internet connectivity, delivering a seamless experience becomes a bigger challenge today.

If your business delivers video content to customers, ensuring a fast, high quality experience is one of paramount importance. Add to it, the additional challenges that a plethora of content and platform options have rung in, adding to the reduction of attention span. In short, Buffering is a thing of a past!

Videofy ensures you don’t have to bother about the complicated process of putting together the different pieces involved in video delivery. Whether it’s an OTT platform, an EdTech business or Tele-health, Videofy has built-in capabilities for everyone! What’s more – Videofy engine is built on AWS, the world’s No.1 cloud platform, ensuring a robust, infinitely scalable and secure backend system.

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Here are details about a few components that come packaged with the our tailor made Videofy engine:

  • Storage: Store millions of video assets on the highly scalable AWS Cloud for cheapest prices, without ever having to worry about running out of space
  • Transcoding: Convert videos into multiple HD or SD formats on-the-fly for all types of devices, using latest cloud-based technologies
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protection: The internet is infested with nefarious tools to enable piracy of quality content, and make them available for free, in exchange of gathering and selling user data. ThinkĀ 
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Videofy intelligently compresses bitrate(s), as per the network bandwidth available at the end user, to ensure best audio-visual playing experience
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): UsingĀ AWS CloudFront, we deliver your content through a network of thousands of nodes placed across the world. This ensures your videos are delivered to the user from the node nearest to him, for a superior, lag and buffer-free experience
  • Security: Enterprise-grade Security features, like watermarking, geo-blocking on the basis of Domain, IP, region, etc…
  • Fastest Go-Live: The whole process is as simple as merely uploading your videos onto the system, get Videofy to process and deliver your content within the shortest possible time
  • 24×7 Support: We offer specialised support for on-boarding, integration, or ongoing operations, so you can focus on creating some great content for your customers