One of the sectors most impacted by the COVID19 pandemic is Learning and Education.

Institutions had to adopt various online methodologies to avoid disruption of their ongoing curriculum, and in the process, cause least disorder to the progress of students’ academic progress.

These new methodologies were primarily technology aided mediums, such as Live Virtual Classrooms, e-Meeting Systems, Learning Management Systems, etc…

Virtual Classroom
The Challenge(s):

Educational establishments are not technology driven by DNA. Their technical capabilities are limited to delivery of offline education via the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom model and other systems that help administration functions. The sudden advent of the pandemic took the education system by storm. They faced a never before challenge of adopting new mediums and technologies to ensure ‘business continuity’ – one of the most critical areas, as it involved the students’ future.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how a Virtual Classroom is built on AWS. But remember, this is for them geeks!

Educational institutions around the world were quick to realise, that while it was impossible to simulate the real physical environment virtually, it surely was possible to make use of modern day cloud based technologies, to continue the curriculum with little, or no hindrances.

Thanks for readily available systems and applications on platforms such as the AWS Cloud, institutions were able to take off and continue their schedules, without much ‘downtime’.

Technologies such as AWS Elemental Live and Elemental MediaConvert allowed developers and system integrators to quickly design systems that were tailor-made for specific educational requirements.

While it may sound simple but feel a complicated task, the AWS Cloud makes it simple to setup your own Live Virtual Class platform. Yes, you heard that right!

The solution can be designed and built by any cloud specialist company such as CodeCulture Technologies, by use of natively available services such as AWS Cloud9, S3, Amazon EC2 and Amazon Chime.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is one of the world’s most popular open-source, full featured LMS platform that helps create online educational websites and content distribution system.

  • Future and pandemic ready
  • Infinitely scalable. Click here to read about how Jordan developed an e-learning platform for 2 million students on AWS Cloud
  • No geographical dependency. Teachers and students can interact and collaborate from virtually anywhere in the world
  • 24 x 7 availability of resources and media using platforms such as Moodle
  • Reduced cost of operations