AWS Managed Services

The AWS Managed Services Challenge(s):

While the AWS cloud makes it easy to get on-board and launch your own secure infrastructure with a few clicks, many businesses soon discover the complexities of running and managing their own workloads. One needs to invest considerable time and skills to be able to secure and optimise them, both from performance and cost point of view.

What are the options?

To save time, let’s list a few of the activities to be performed regularly, on the cloud:

  • Cloud Implementation / Deployments
  • DevOps – CICD Pipeline management, Microservices, Infrastructure as code
  • App modernisation / re-architecture
  • Proactive monitoring and logging
  • Infrastructure management and support
  • Security and compliance

All of the above activities need specific skills and resources with continuous focus, optimisation and monitoring to ensure one’s cloud resources don’t go ‘out-of-hand’. At the same time, resources may be expensive, or, it may not be an optimal choice for business to invest such time and digress from their core research and develop or product development activities.

A quick Google search about ‘Managed Service Providers near me’ will throw up a whole list of providers who offer comprehensive list of solutions and services. Engaging with AWS Managed Service providers seems to be one of the limited options available with customers at this point. To make matters somewhat perplexed, most of them offer specialised services that serve the a particular use case or issue. That said, it allows for a wide array of options to choose from, that most appropriately suits budgetary and service requirements.

At CodeCulture Technologies, we follow a simplified ‘few steps’ approach to our AWS Managed Services:

  • Assessment: We offer free, no-strings-attached assessment and discovery sessions with our Cloud Experts, who understand your architecture in detail and recommend the best possible approach to start your cloud transformation journey. Assessments are done both from movement to cloud readiness and business goals point of view. Our experts take time to derive the challenges in the existing architecture and map them to best deliver using the AWS Cloud.
  • Deployments: After a detailed assessment, we help deciding the best approach to deploy the workloads to the cloud, along with how the infrastructure lifecycle must be managed. For instance, it may mean choosing right right model, viz. Public, Private or Hybrid, or, choose between Infrastructure-as-a-Service vs. Platform-as-a-Service layers. At this stage, we also assist customers with deriving minute actions such as choosing the right server, configuration, security policies, etc…
  • Migrations: When moving your infrastructure to the cloud, there are many approaches one could take. What might be the best for you, depends solely on the deductions from past assessments. It may vary from a simpler¬†lift-and-shift¬†operation to an extensive, stage wise re-factoring of the various components of the infrastructure.
  • Support: Extending post implementation services such as 24×7 Support, proactive monitoring and logging, weekly / monthly reporting dashboards are only a logical progression with our customers. Our team of AWS Certified Professionals leave no stone unturned, to let you focus on your core business.

The above approach allows us to clearly understand where the customer stands in their AWS Cloud adoption journey, and lets us choose a clear path to seamless transformation. This means that you can seamlessly migrate whole, or part of your applications to the AWS Cloud and start measuring performance and cost related metrics almost immediately.

Our virtual domain allows us to work with customers from across geographies and boundaries – whether it is a leading Fintech company in Mumbai, a Logistics startup in Chennai, or even a large Education Consulting organisation in Switzerland.

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